Knitted hat

If you live in a cold climate, there is no doubt that beanies or knitted hats are a key part of your winter wardrobe. But whether you want to wear a warm hat or to add a sense of fashion, this year (and the past few years) seems to be wearing a hat. The Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Cap is a classic beanie, available in a variety of colors, and is priced at $15 on Amazon.

The cap itself is made of rib-knit stretch acrylic, which is warm and flexible without itching. You can choose from 23 colors and patterns on Amazon, from neutral gray to neon orange, each with the brand’s logo. Carhartt is a brand with a long history, known for its work clothes, but in recent years, its pragmatic style has become mainstream. From thick cotton canvas jackets to work clothes, the brand’s durable, tough clothing has been a favorite of fashionable people for several years. The brand even accompanies its own fashion trends, cooperating with brands such as APC and Awake NY to produce sold-out collections.

Amazon shoppers rave about this beanie, giving it more than 7,700 five-star reviews. “In the way of stocking hats or beanies, the Carhartt variety is a good choice. It is cheap, but it is well-structured and keeps its shape. It does not fall apart like many cheap beanies. I currently There are four of these (black, light brown, dark brown and Heather gray), and they all maintain their color, shape and warmth without problems.” One commenter wrote.

Another shopper specifically mentioned that the hat came in handy during a recent trip. “The outstanding colors make me feel warm in Iceland, from hiking on windy cliffs to glacier caves, to hunting for the northern lights at night. The reason why it became my beanie is its comfort and cuteness. My skin is sensitive. , Not suitable for wool-it is soft and comfortable. It even stays quite dry under water spray.”

Post time: Sep-08-2020